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Results and link to photos at bottom of page after the Dash


When: Saturday June 21st, 12 noon

Check-in opens at 11am. Please arrive by 11:30am at the latest so you are ready for the pre-race meeting at 11:45am


Crescent Moon
3578 Farnam St
Omaha, NE 68131

Scavenger Dash is a wildly fun urban adventure.

Teams of two solve twelve clues, scavenge items, take photos, complete fun challenges and have a wild adventure...all while discovering the city in a whole different way. It's an amazing race on a local level, where anyone can participate.


Use the promo code EARLYBIRD on the registration page

$99 per team of 2 thru 6/7
$120 thru 6/21
$130 on raceday

Maximum of 300 teams, so sign up now!

Eventbrite - Scavenger Dash Omaha 2014

In order to speed the check-in process, please print and fill out this WAIVER Under 18? No problem, but please fill out THIS WAIVER instead.

Scavenger Dash is primarily designed for adults. For those under 18, you may participate along with an adult over 18. Minimum age is 12 years.

**It should be noted that no roads are closed to accommodate you, and you are 100% responsible for your own safety while traveling which may include crossing busy streets.**

These items are not required, they can certainly be useful!
-Map of the area
-Something to snack on
-Cell phone charger
-Gallon ziplock bag to keep your clues dry in case of rain
-Dollar bills/loose change in case you need to take public transit or purchase an item
-A bandana in case you encounter a blindfolded challenge and you would like to use your own

Make sure you read and are confident
with all the FAQs and Rules

Check this page on the evening before the race for any last minute updates or announcements

Don't forget to line up a phone-a-friend. Someone with an internet connection can make all the difference when it comes to solving clues or mapping out your route!




Have pics you want us to add to the site? Email them to help@sierraadventuresports.com




Need to change a teammate or your team name?
No Problem!

Just log in to Eventbrite
Click "My Tickets",
then click on the order you wish to change.
Click the "Edit" link and don't forget to save your changes!

Scavenger Dash Omaha community involvement: YMCA

Volunteers Needed!
Volunteers are needed from 11am til 4pm. Please email us and indicate which city you are interested in helping out with. Duties may include overseeing a mystery challenge, helping with check-in or handing out
t-shirts. We're saying thanks with a free entry into any of our other races!

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1/25 Phoenix

2/15 San Diego

2/16 Santa Monica

3/22 Phoenix Scavenger Ride

6/14 Chicago

6/15 Milwaukee

6/21 Omaha

6/22 Kansas City

8/23 Denver

8/24 Colorado Springs

11/1 Phoenix Scavenger Dash at Night

11/2 Tucson

11/8 Las Vegas


We're excited to welcome Omaha Adventure Bootcamp to our list of sponsors. This is one of the most successful bootcamps in the nation!







Bib # Team name: First Name Last Name #2 First Name #2 Last name

1032 Creighton CoBA Kai Joe Bezousek Katie Rieff 1:37:00 PM 11
1007 Will Run 4 Beer Kevin Flesner Lisa Flesner 1:43:00 PM 11
1006 2 Hags-in-awe Keith Hagenau Pam Hagenau 1:43:00 PM 11
1030 Hot Chops Josh Tague Heather Dolezal 1:56:00 PM 11
1022 Waldo's Fan Club Julie Hinchcliff Philip Niewohner 2:11:00 PM 11
1005 Blue Barracudas 2.0 Joseph Ditri Sarah Ewoldt 2:22:00 PM 11
1001 Mostly Dutch Ramona Poelmans Dan Therrien 2:22:00 PM 11
1019 Eight and Nine Shannon Dill Matthew Dill 2:31:00 PM 11
1009 Tooth Fairies Toni Troia Michelle Hannah 2:33:00 PM 11
1021 Hot Mess Express Brittany Bartunek Devin Holdorf 2:35:00 PM 11
1024 Super ”Drunk” Friends Scott Christie Don Bartunek 2:35:00 PM 11
1008 Farfegnugen Betsy Fethkenher Molly Kliment-Jenkins 2:36:00 PM 11
1017 Mise en Place Sarah Gudeman Amanda Bogner 2:36:00 PM 11
1038 Pure Cane Sugar Christina Schwarz Holly Seifert 2:36:00 PM 11
1037 Cheddarheads Sarah Tracy Darla Brendemeuhl 2:36:00 PM 11
1003 Twisted Sisters michelle stopak Michelle Stopak Lisa Walton 2:43:00 PM 11
1002 Dynamic Duo Mary Millard Cory Stodola 2:44:00 PM 11
1033 Team of Awesome Smiths Lindsay Smith John Smith 2:44:00 PM 11
1018 Bootilicious Babes Lacy Stodola Venessa Harrison 2:45:00 PM 11
1010 Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee Lanae Pierson Meredith Gardner 3:06:00 PM 12
1023 Two Rivers Rednecks wade wederquist Nikki fox 3:06:00 PM 11
1031 Power Puff Girls Sally Shepherd Kathy Klower 3:07:00 PM 11
1034 Too Cool for a Name Chandra Olbrich Rebecca Hughes 3:11:00 PM 11
1014 Eye Spy Amber Marr Terra Bailey 3:34:00 PM 11
1029 Bitch Slap melissa gebauer larry lange 3:35:00 PM 11
1027 Potato Po-ta-to Laurie Gebauer Stephanie Schmid 3:35:00 PM 11
1025 The M Team Brittany Morrissey Matt Morrissey 3:39:00 PM 11
1026 Ow Ooooo! Ahleeya Wolff Joseph Wolff 3:39:00 PM 11
1035 You're so pointless Pablo Medrano Sybil O'Brien 3:40:00 PM 11
1039 Megan and The Wench Maria Dehghan Megan Van Alstine 3:42:00 PM 11
1004 No Bragg, Just Fact Paul Bragg Holly Bragg 3:43:00 PM 12
1020 Catch us if you can cousins jeremy kaliff Stephannie Maca 2:05:00 PM 10
1012 Oshrich James Hynek Richie Weeks 2:33:00 PM 10
1016 Dashing Darlings Chris Goeser Lisa Shields 2:48:00 PM 10
1028 S Street Super Stars Amy Kaup Mary Miller 2:48:00 PM 10

Bum Rushers Steve Bultez Chase Peterson

1013 Drewes Chicks Patricia Drewes Laura Drewes

The Scampters Angela Hilgendorf Danny Hilgendorf

1036 The Winers Cindy Meyer Jessica Thompson

1011 Scandalous Scavengers Theresa Perina Heather Perina

Jackleberries Erin Rau Chris Rau

1015 The Octonauts Brian Weyant Rebecca Weyant

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